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Carpet Threshold Repair in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, NM

Threshold is a strip that helps to fill gaps which creates safe & smooth transitions between two floorings. Without thresholds, carpets are prone to fraying, curling, or even tearing. Often times if heavy items are dragged across the carpet, it can stretch and the threshold can crack or detach. Issues at your transition point require attention to avoid further damage to your flooring, and especially to prevent creating a hazardous scenario where someone can trip and injure themselves. When you face such situations, you can count on Klean Dry to repair your carpet and threshold.

We are a certified carpet repair & cleaning company since 1997 that specializes in hole repair, fray repairs, bleach spot repairs & more related issues. When you notice tears, frays, or holes in your carpet, call us at 505-305-0545 for appropriate repairs at affordable prices.

professional worker repairing threshold

Interior Threshold Repair

Carpet fraying under a door threshold is commonly seen in residential homes. The solution to this is a quick one but requires expertise to fix it properly. Fortunately, our IICRC-certified specialists have extensive experience when it comes to threshold replacement. Repairs may include using a power stretcher to fix waves & wrinkles. Also, carpet patching to correct carpet threshold or entryways. We are available 24/7 for emergency services across Albuquerque, Paradise Hills, Carnuel, Cedar Crest & other nearby areas within New Mexico.

professional carpet cleaning by vaccum cleaner

Carpet Repair Services for Homes & Offices

Apart from carpet repair, the professionals from Klean Dry offer superior carpet cleaning services at cost-effective prices. We have state-of-the-art equipment that can effectively remove tough stains, bad odors, dust mites, allergens & more from your home or office carpet. Additionally, we also have proven procedures for pet odor treatment to revitalize carpets.

Count on Klean Dry for Threshold Repair in Rio Rancho & Albuquerque

Klean Dry has permanent solutions for your threshold problems or entryways. When you need threshold repair in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Carnuel, Enchanted Hills, and nearby areas, give Klean Dry a call at 505-305-0545. We are serving 24/7 our customers, providing emergency services right when you need them.