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Carpet Cleaning & Repair Services in Placitas 

Carpets are a common choice for flooring in many homes, adding warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. However, carpets are also prone to collecting dust, dirt, stains, and experiencing wear and tear over time. That's where professional carpet cleaning and repair services come into play.

Klean Dry is the company to call if you need carpet cleaning or repair in the Placitas area. For more information about our skilled experts and the services we offer in Placitas, New Mexico, call us at 505-305-0545 to make an appointment for our service right away, or click here for online contact.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduces Traffic Lane Effects

Carpeted areas in homes and commercial spaces often experience heavy foot traffic, leading to the formation of unsightly traffic lanes. These traffic lanes are areas on the carpet that appear darker, more worn-out, and less attractive compared to the rest of the carpeted surface. Over time, these traffic lanes can make the entire carpet look dull and worn, impacting the overall aesthetics of the space. That's where professional carpet cleaning can effectively lessen the impact of traffic lanes and restore the carpet's appearance.

Professional carpet cleaning and drying service

Additional Services Offered by Klean Dry

Throughout Placitas, our crew is determined to offer the finest carpet services at an affordable cost. Apart from carpet cleaning and repair services, our other services include:

Get Our Carpet Services to Longer The Lifespan of Your Carpet

To preserve the sheen and extend life, carpet in high-traffic areas needs frequent care and attention. Since 1997, we have guaranteed to give the best carpet cleaning and repair services in Placitas at competitive rates and with a team that has won numerous awards for their work. Because of our thorough cleaning, the quality of the air in your house or workplace will greatly increase. You can reach us at 505-305-0545 or by this link if you have any questions about the services we offer.