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Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque

The IICRC-certified cleaning professionals at Klean Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning provide the best and most comprehensive carpet & upholstery cleaning services available in Albuquerque and throughout the Greater Albuquerque area. For more than two decades, our crews have set the industry standard for residential and commercial cleaning services in New Mexico, including a wide array of specialized cleaning options that include:

Carpet and Flooring Cleaning Professionals

When you deal with Klean Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, you can rest assured that all aspects of the job will be addressed by the same crew, whether you need to clean your carpet, upholstery, air ducts, or tile floors. We can also assist with the removal of pet stains & odors, as well as carpet repair or bleach spot repair in Albuquerque and throughout the Greater Albuquerque area.

To learn more about our extensive array of cleaning products and services for both homeowners & business owners, call 505-594-2428 or click here to make an appointment for services today at your home or office in Albuquerque.

With more than two decades of carpet cleaning experience to our credit, Klean Dry is locally owned & operated. Our cleaning experts provide a steam cleaning system that effectively removes dirt embedded in your carpets, even in high-traffic areas. We also eliminate dust mites and other contaminants, all at customer-friendly prices in Albuquerque.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Rely on Us for the Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Albuquerque

For more than 20 years, customers in Albuquerque and throughout the Greater Albuquerque area have known and trusted the certified cleaning experts from Klean Dry to clean their homes and offices. Whether your primary cleaning need is for your carpet, upholstery, air ducts, tile floors, or some type of specialized cleaning service, our proven professionals have got you covered! To learn more about us and what we do, dial 505-594-2428 or click here to make an appointment today for cleaning services at your home or office in Albuquerque.

Customer Reviews from Albuquerque
J B from Albuquerque,

May 13th, 2022
Very easy to schedule appointment and get an estimate by phone. Personal service leading up to the appiontment. The service provider was friendly and did a great job. My old stained carpet looks new again. Also carpets dried quickly.
Fallon C. from Albuquerque,

Apr 29th, 2022
Sean Rael with KLEAN DRY Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning was great! He was on time, very professional, and very detailed in the information he gave me when he finished with the cleaning. I also think the price was right. Overall, it was an excellent experience.
Perez Collision Center from Albuquerque, NM

Apr 13th, 2022
Klean Dry offers a really great service! At our shop we have them come in once a year to clean our couches and carpet. It provides a much needed clean and revives our furniture. I really needed them to clean an area where some office dogs hang out before a meeting and Klean Dry was able to squeeze us in and get it done. I really appreciated that! Thank you! It's easy to make an appointment with them online and I get email and text updates of where they are. I can also pay online which is super convenient. I would recommend them for home or business
Brittany B. from Albuquerque, NM

Apr 11th, 2022
So glad we went with Klean Dry! Very professional and quick. Our carpet repair looks great and was done in less than an hour at a great rate. Will definitely use them again in the future!
Kayla Harrison from Albuquerque, NM

Apr 3rd, 2022
Upon moving out of my rental home, I contacted Klean Dry to clean my master bedroom carpet and one other smaller bedroom carpet. I let the scheduler know when I had to be out of the home and she made sure to schedule within an that timeframe. Klean Dry sent Sean R. to my home on 3/29/22 and he did an excellent job. Sean inspected the carpet to be cleaned and advised me that some stains may leave a permanent mark on the carpet even after steam cleaning. My 9yo son's room was a mess, with chocolate syrup and other several unknown stains lol. I had makeup (concealer and lipstick stains on my carpet and Sean said he was going to do his best to get them out. HE DID! The service was extremely fast and Sean was even able to get the stains out that he initially thought would be permanent. I give Klean Dry 5 stars and would recommend them over and over again. Great professional service. Fast. Great pricing.
C M from Albuquerque, NM

Mar 29th, 2022
Sean from Klean Dry did an amazing job with our carpet cleaning! This is the 2nd time we've used his services. I will be contacting him again in the future. Thank you Sean!
Michelle Durham from Albuquerque, NM

Mar 12th, 2022
My roomate had 2 little furry companions that she tried to keep up after. The carpets started to smell super weird. I was going to rent a rug doctor and spend the day battling the strange odors.

I decided to call Klean Dry and see what they recommended. They used a UV light to determine if the problem was in the carpets and locate the type and source of the odors. I KNEW what was causing the odors!

Their 200 degree soft water killed the germs!

This gave me HUGE peace of mind. I gladly paid for the pet treatment to address the urine and strange odors in the carpets.

It was a huge difference to open the door to my home and NOT be hit by a wall of stench!

I feel like I got my home back! My house smells like MY fresh clean home again! That is what Melissa and Sean with their Klean Dry Team did for my family. Thank you!

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Michelle Durham
Glenda Tate from Albuquerque, NM

Feb 13th, 2022
I had my carpets cleaned by Sean owner of Klean Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Sean was very professional, courteous, and operated with expertise and in a timely manner. Now My carpets look brand new. Thank You Sean and Klean Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.
Chris Cecil from Albuquerque, NM

Feb 11th, 2022
Shawn did a great job
Dominic M from Albuquerque, NM

Feb 10th, 2022
Awesome job on my tile cleaning!
Completed Jobs from Albuquerque
Kathy Tallbear
March 25, 2022
Klean Dry carpet cleaning had set the appointment that was perfect for the client to get the carpet cleaned. upon arrival the cleaning technician inspected the carpet, determined the needs of the customer and went over the process of the cleaning method we would use to clean the carpet.
Kimberly E.
March 21, 2022
Klean Dry set a time and date for the carpet to be cleaned and for the Pet urine and odor treatment. we inspected the pet spots on the carpet with a ULV black light and determined the exact areas that needed a treatment. we applied our special treatment that breaks down the urine crystals and eliminates the bacteria that causes the odor. we then professionally steam cleaned the carpets leaving the home smelling fresh and clean.
Brian B
February 15, 2022
we scheduled the time and date, we inspected the carpet areas and then cleaned the carpets
Jackie G
February 12, 2022
The upholstery cleaning technician arrived at the scheduled time and inspected the upholstery that needed to be cleaned. It was determined that the material on the furniture can be steam cleaned and the job was performed.
Glenda Tate
February 12, 2022
after the initial inspection The carpet cleaning technician set up and proceeded to clean the carpets in the home insuring the soil and grime was properly steam cleaned out of the carpet
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