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Reviews for Klean Dry

  • Reviewed By: Michelle Durham
  • Location: Albuquerque,NM
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  • Comment: My roomate had 2 little furry companions that she tried to keep up after. The carpets started to smell super weird. I was going to rent a rug doctor and spend the day battling the strange odors.

    I decided to call Klean Dry and see what they recommended. They used a UV light to determine if the problem was in the carpets and locate the type and source of the odors. I KNEW what was causing the odors!

    Their 200 degree soft water killed the germs!

    This gave me HUGE peace of mind. I gladly paid for the pet treatment to address the urine and strange odors in the carpets.

    It was a huge difference to open the door to my home and NOT be hit by a wall of stench!

    I feel like I got my home back! My house smells like MY fresh clean home again! That is what Melissa and Sean with their Klean Dry Team did for my family. Thank you!

    In Heartfelt Gratitude,

    Michelle Durham
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