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Job completed for Brittany U.

Completion date: November 9, 2023

Location: Rio Rancho, NM

Why did the customer contact us?

A client reached out to us to have the wrinkles removed from her carpet primarily for safety reasons, as these wrinkles posed a tripping hazard. Additionally, she was concerned about the aesthetic aspect, as the wrinkled carpet detracted from the overall appearance of her room. Finally, she hoped that stretching the carpet would prolong its lifespan by preventing further damage and wear in the wrinkled areas.

Solutions provided:

To address the client's concerns with the wrinkled carpet, our team employed a comprehensive carpet stretching technique. Firstly, we carefully lifted the edges of the carpet to release it from the tack strips that held it in place. Using specialized carpet stretching tools, we then methodically stretched the carpet to eliminate the wrinkles, ensuring it was pulled tight and even across the room. After the stretching process, the carpet was securely reattached to the tack strips, guaranteeing a smooth, flat surface. This process not only resolved the safety and aesthetic issues but also helped in extending the carpet's durability by reducing the risk of further wrinkling and wear.

Team members on this project:

Sean Rael,

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