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Job completed for Jacob G.

Completion date: January 4, 2023

Location: Rio Rancho, NM

Why did the customer contact us?

Jacob had used different carpet cleaning company's before finding Klean Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Solutions provided:

Klean Dry Carpet Cleaning recently provided professional carpet cleaning services to a family in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The service included steam cleaning all the carpets, removing any dirt and debris that had collected over the years. This resulted in immaculate carpets with no dirt left behind; an impressive job indeed. Not only were the carpets cleaned to perfection, but the family was extremely pleased with their customer experience. They were provided detailed instructions on how best to maintain their newly cleaned carpets and they noticed immediate results after their first treatment from Klean Dry Carpet Cleaning. If you're looking for top-notch carpet cleaning services, Klean Dry Carpet Cleaning is definitely the way to go!

Team members on this project:

Sean Rael

Photos & Videos:

Carpet Cleaning Rio Rancho NM
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Carpet Cleaning Rio Rancho NM