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Painting Grout Lines

Grout line Paint

Why should you have your grout lines painted

  Tile floors can provide spectacular aesthetics, but over time the grout can become dull and stained, diminishing that beauty. Fortunately there is a simple solution to restore those stunning looks - painting with a grout colorant! Not only will this repair any damage done to the existing grout but it'll also help protect against future wear and tear while making maintenance much easier going forward.


Give your grout a whole new look with grout painting!

  Not only will they seal and protect it from dirt, but also fill in small cracks or holes for a clean finish. However, make sure to always test the tiles beforehand - while ceramic & porcelain are typically safe bets, some stone tile may absorb too much of the paint if not checked first. You'll be rewarded by having durable grout that's easy to keep looking great!


change color of grout Grout painting may seem easy for the DIY homeowner!

 Without careful technique, you can be left with a big mess! Not properly applying colorant could lead to an uneven finished product and if not removed from tiles promptly it will soon set like cement. Make sure your grouting project goes smoothly by following recommended procedures for best results.


How to ensure a successful painting job!

  It's critical to start by deep cleaning your tiles and grout. An alkaline tile cleaner will help eliminate dirt, grease and other debris from the surface of both materials so that colorants can properly bond with the silica in the grout. Taking this extra step ensures you end up with an even finish!


its very important to follow up with a acid rinse

  To ensure a strong bond between your grout and its accompanying colorant, finish up the cleaning process with an acidic cleaner! This will open any pores that were closed off by alkaline cleaner - creating better adhesion for long-term results.

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Time to paint your grout lines

  With your brush in hand, finish up painting all of the grout lines and delicately remove any extra colorant. Give it 20 minutes to dry out before you perform one last check for evenness in coverage. Areas with large gaps might require more than a single coat - use a small paintbrush if necessary! Don't forget those tricky spots where there's an abundance of grout; wipe away excess from tiles but don't be too hasty or else some may get removed from between them as well. Make sure larger cracks are also fully filled by adding additional coats until they are satisfactorily concealed. Now take pride knowing that you have completed this beautiful tile project successfully!


Proper care of your new painted grout

  After painting the grout lines and removing excess, make sure to keep off your freshly-painted floor for 24 hours. Walking with socks on will not damage it after an hour or two of drying time; however, you should still wait 48 hours before rough activity can occur. During this curing period be gentle when cleaning – use a soft scrub brush paired with pH neutral tile cleaner rather than harsh chemicals to prevent damaging the paint job too quickly! With regular maintenance and care, your painted tiled floors are guaranteed remain looking clean and beautiful!


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