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Native American Culture In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Native American peoples have lived in New Mexico for several thousand years. The state is home to more than 20 tribes. They include the Navajo Nation, Mescalero Apache, Jicarilla Apache and 19 groups of pueblo peoples. Each Native American group in New Mexico is unique and has their own traditions, customs, language, attire, prayers, songs, ceremonies, values and way of life.

The Navajo nation is North America’s largest Native American group. Their reservation covers parts of northwest New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. The Jicarilla Apaches make their home in northern New Mexico. The Mescalero Apache live in southern New Mexico. Most of the 19 groups of pueblo people live in northern New Mexico. Throughout New Mexico there are pit houses, cliff dwellings, underground ceremonial chambers called kivas, symbols etched in rock, abandoned dwellings along ancient trade routes and other remnants of Native American culture.

The Albuquerque area is an excellent starting point to begin exploring Native American heritage. Native American groups hold tours and share information about their culture and beliefs. They include feast days, celebrations of their traditions and heritage and displays of their traditional attire, ceremonial dress, songs, music, dances and sacred rituals.

The Albuquerque Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a valuable resource where visitors can see authentic Native American carvings, clothing, drums, pottery, jewelry, and other types of arts and crafts. The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology and the Petroglyph National Monument are two other excellent places in Albuquerque, New Mexico to see examples of Native American culture.Learn more here.