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 Protect Carpet In High Traffic Areas

 protect your carpets from high traffic areas


Albuquerque & Rio Rancho's Challenges for Keeping Carpets Clean


  • High levels of dust and dirt due to location in the arid desert region
  • Significant foot traffic leading to wear and tear on carpets
  • Challenges of removing tough stains from carpet fibers
  • Difficulty in maintaining carpets in high-traffic areas
  • Need for professional carpet cleaning services due to lack of equipment and resources for homeowners
  • Importance of regular carpet cleaning for improving indoor air quality and preventing health problems
  • Balancing cost-effectiveness and quality of carpet cleaning services.

Dust and Debris from the Wind


Living in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho can present several challenges for keeping your carpets clean. One of the biggest culprits of dirt and debris being tracked into your home is the dust and debris that get blown in from the wind. This dust and debris can easily become embedded in your carpets, so it is important to take steps to protect them from these outdoor elements.


Adequate Vacuuming

Adequate vacuuming is essential for keeping your carpets clean. Regular vacuuming helps to remove dirt and debris that can become embedded in the fibers of the carpet. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week, but more often if you have high-traffic areas in your home.


  • Adequate vacuuming is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of your carpets.
  • Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt and debris that can become embedded in the carpet fibers.
  • Vacuuming should be done at least once a week, with more frequent cleaning for high-traffic areas.
  • Failing to regularly vacuum your carpets can result in a buildup of dirt and debris, leading to a dull, worn-out appearance and potentially causing health issues.

Hire Klean Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning For Professional Cleaning 

For the best results, we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Professional cleaning can help to remove deep-seated dirt and debris that can become difficult to remove with regular vacuuming. It can also help to restore the color of your carpets and extend their lifespan.