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Cleaning Grout Lines

Ceramic tile is great flooring option to have in Rio Rancho, NM, with a busy household. the material is durable and easy to clean up when a spill happens. But lets face it, the discolored grout lines are a pain to clean. A person could spend the better part of a day scrubbing. After all that time and effort is put into the job you realize the area still looks dingy. Klean Dry has spent the better part of 20 years Professionally cleaning ceramic tile and grout. We use specialized tools and high powered tile cleaning equipment to safely and quickly clean up the dirtiest grout lines.

Getting Sparkling Clean Tile

Over years of use and build up of dirt and grime. Getting the grout looking knew again can be a task. The good news is, Klean Dry Technicians have seen the worst and cleaned the worst that dirty grout has to offer. Our precise cleaning formula quickly dissolves even the worst build up of dirt in the grout. Our tools and machines make easy work of washing and removing all the filth that makes your grout look dingy and dirty.

Cleaning Grout Lines

  • assess the scope of the work
  • prep the area that needs cleaning
  • apply Klean Dry’s grout cleaning formula
  • scrub areas that need extra attention
  • wash and remove all contaminants and cleaning agents

No matter your situation Klean Dry can make your ceramic tile floor look and feel new again. We Employ the best of the best grout cleaning technicians. in a short time you will have a fresh and clean felling home.

Before you schedule your grout and tile to be cleaned, you should know a few things. Removing small items and nick knacks from the floor before the technicians arrive makes the job go smoother. Picking up heavy debris from the floor and removing as much furniture as possible.

Benefits Of Clean Grout:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Reduced germs and bacteria
  • unpleasant odors are removed