About us

Professional Cleaning Company Of all Textile Surfaces

Klean Dry stays very true to customer satisfaction. We work hard to achieve this goal every day.

Here are some steps we take to make sure we can deliver high customer satisfaction rating:
  • Deliver a quality service
  • Use only the industry’s best equipment
  • Use high quality low residue cleaning agents
  • Make sure our technicians receive the best training and certifications
  • Make sure all carpets and other fabric is completely dry within 1-2 hours
  • Make as little impact as possible on the environment
  • And offer the best satisfaction guarantee the industry has ever seen

All of our employees share the same vision, give 110% on every job every time.

About Klean Dry Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

I’m Sean Rael,

The owner and also a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician with Klean Dry. I have owned this company for over 20 years and in this time I have seen a lot of companies come and go. Too many companies try and grow too big and care more about what the final dollar amount is, and forget all about what’s important, the client. We all know being able to pay the bills is why we all wake up every day to go to work, but as a business owner I understand why it’s so important to get more for what you pay for.

After all, you’re paying me with little bits of time from your life. To me that speaks volumes and I should repay that sacrifice with high quality work, reliability and an ongoing commitment to improve.We have made it very easy for you to get estimates and schedule appointments on your time instead of ours. Below will be a link to get a free online quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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