Albuquerque Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet can be a good flooring choice for your home or business because it looks nice and also is fairly durable. However, carpets can take a lot of beating, especially in high traffic areas and may eventually need to be repaired. For your carpet repair needs, choose a professional such as Klean Dry. We serve customers throughout the Albuquerque NM area, and we focus on providing excellent service.

Having your carpet repaired by a professional can come with a number of benefits. If your issue is a pet stain or some other problem involving fluids, carpet repair can remove harmful substances such as mold or bacteria and make your home healthier. Repairing rips or restoring bald spots can help to maintain your carpet, making it last longer and protecting your investment. And whatever type of repair you are having done, not having to do it yourself will save you time and energy you can devote to other tasks.

The most common Carpet Repairs we do are:

Carpet re-stretch

bonded insert “carpet patch”

threshold repair

tack strip replacement

fix rips & tears

carpet re-install

carpet pad replacement

Klean Dry employs only professional and experienced technicians to do your carpet repair tasks. We also supply our workers with only the safest and most superior equipment for your carpet repair needs.

Carpet repair can be a vital service, because replacing carpet is expensive. For all your carpet repair needs, call Klean Dry. We serve customers throughout the Albuquerque area, and we strive to do a top-notch job while providing excellent service.

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