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How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard adds character, luxury and aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. You spend plenty of time in bed, and body lotions or oil from your hair can easily ruin the upholstery. Everyday dust will also find its way to the headboard. Some of these things are inevitable, but there are a few things you can do to maintain the fabric and prevent it from getting ruined. Given that headboards come in different fabrics ranging from leather and wool to suede and many more, there isn’t a single prescribed method of cleaning all types of headboards. Another factor to bear in mind is the type of stain you want to remove. Treating watermarks and ink, for example, require very different approaches. Learning how to clean upholstered headboard, therefore, starts with understanding the upholstery cleaning codes.

How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

Upholstery Cleaning Codes

To make cleaning upholstery much less of a hassle, most manufacturers have agreed upon a set of symbols used in cleaning upholstery. Understanding the codes makes it easier to know how to clean a type of fabric. Here are the codes and what they mean:

S or P – this type of material should be cleaned by an expert using solvent cleaner. Fabrics with this label may be damaged by water.

How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

F refers to foam cleaning- a type of dry cleaning used for various types of delicate fabrics

W – water-based solvents or foam are preferred to clean fabrics with this label

W/S and S/W – these mean that water, foam or solvent cleaners can be used to clean the upholstery

X/S or X – this means that the surface can’t be washed with water, form-based cleaners or solvents, so your only left with using a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush to clean the fabric.

Treating Stains

Treat stains as soon as you can. This is the most critical tip to have in mind. Whenever you spill something or stain the headboard, treat it immediately to avoid future problems.

Cleaning Method

First things first, be sure to make vacuuming a regular habit. Vacuum your headboard upholstery weekly, for example, to prevent dust and loose dirt from becoming engrained. Next, grab your fabric cleaner solution or spray and use it to get rid of any noticeable stains or marks. Choose a small, easily-concealed area for your spot test before spraying the whole headboard. You can make this a weekly routine, so your headboard stays fresh and clean.

When you think it’s time to freshen up the headboard, perhaps after a month or two, baking soda can come in quite handy. Pour a liberal amount of the baking soda onto a dry piece of clean cloth and pat it into the upholstery. Give it time to set in for a couple of hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue. Be careful when using baking soda as it can get everywhere.

Next Steps

Depending on the severity of the dirt or stain as well as how much time you have, you should decide whether you want to hire a professional cleaner or do it yourself.

So, are you wondering how to clean upholstered headboard? Incorporate these steps into your cleaning routine, and you’ll notice how easy it is to keep your upholstered headboard as good as new. If you aren’t sure if any cleaning solution is compatible with a specific upholstery, contact the manufacturer for confirmation. Upholstery cleaning professionals at Klean Dry also have many tools to help you get this done.

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