How to remove kool aid stain from carpet

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how to remove kool aid stain from carpet in Albuquerque

Your carpet is currently clean, groomed and your carpet appears nice. that frightening moment happens and kool aid or some other form of red sports drink gets spilled on your beautiful carpet, your not sure what to do or what product to use to remove the stain. Relax, although kool aid stains can become permanent if left to dry or cleaned improperly. ill share with you some quick tips to help reduce or even remove the stain before it becomes a serious problem

The best thing to do is to grab your home carpet cleaning machine, turn the vacuum on and remove as much of the liquid as possible out of the carpet. When you confident you have removed as much as possible, fill the water reservoir with water, don’t worry about making sure the water is hot. now start flushing out the remainder of the kool aid stain that’s in your carpet. Don’t forget to do extra dry passes you never want to leave the carpet to wet.

if you don’t have a home carpet cleaning machine, you can use towels to absorb as much of the kool aid as possible. mist water over the areas to dilute the color and re absorb, be sure not to add to much water when you do this. it can spread the stain further into your carpet.

if you search the internet you will see people use a terry cloth and iron to remove stains. this would be very bad for a kool aid stain. professionals often do this along with a very specialized chemical for kool aids. The reducing agent used by professionals are specifically designed to take a oxygen molecule out of the kool aid and make it appear to be invisible. if after you have tried to remove the stain and had no luck. call Klean Dry  carpet cleaning service we have vast experience in removing these types of stains. we offer services to the residents in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM areas

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