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The Klean Dry Cleaning team has become second to none. With over 21 years cleaning Upholstery, carpet and tile & grout in The Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM cities. We can say we have cleaned several thousand homes. Leaving behind clean fresh homes, and very happy customers. Every Employee at Klean Dry is focused on delivering the highest customer satisfaction possible.

Our main service being superior carpet cleaning. we have learned every trick of the trade and how to identify each and every type of carpet fiber produced. This is very important because knowing what type of material were working with lets us chose the correct cleaning detergents. not all cleaning detergents are safe for all types of fibers. some High Alkaline cleaners can do far more harm to your carpeting, trust me i have seen it many times. it most cases a inferior cheap carpet cleaning company will use the cheapest most aggressive chemical to clean every carpet they come across. and at this point it is a hit or miss if your carpet comes clean.

Every Klean Dry employee has gone through training and certification with the institute of inspection cleaning restoration and certification. even with our vast experience in carpet cleaning, We believe a professional cleaning service company should stay current and up to date with the highest rated cleaning certification firm in the U.S. From the furthest part of Rio Rancho NM to past the Foot hills in Albuquerque NM, we promise to deliver the very best carpet cleaning service at a very reasonable price.

Not only do we do carpet cleaning, We also offer the best Upholstery cleaning service. we all know and can see how dirty a carpet gets. We understand that upholstery is the second most used fabric in your beautiful home. we often get off work walk in the front door and sit right in our favorite spot on the couch or recliner and not even think twice about the last time it was cleaned or even vacuumed. over time the fabric on your favorite piece of furniture becomes dingy with all the oils and grease and then trapping in dirt and dead skin cells, If you have pets this just ads to the amount of grime. Cleaning upholstery is no easy task especially without the proper training and tools, it could make it nearly impossible to do a great cleaning job.

Thankfully, Klean Dry offers a very reasonable price for upholstery cleaning in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM. with a great knowledge of the types of materials upholstery is made of we can asses the situation and employ the correct cleaning method and cleansers to safely and effectively cleaning all your furniture without breaking the bank.

over the years we have grown to know and love Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. although both cities are separated we do enjoy the scenic drive to get to our next satisfied client.

if your looking for the best carpet cleaning or Upholstery cleaning company who offers a great price and the highest level of cleaning quality then give us a call. 

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