How to Remove Ketchup from Carpet

Ketchup is known for being quite the difficult stain to remove, and getting it out of your carpeting is even more difficult. If you need effective methods to keep your carpet ketchup free, our guide can help you. When you encounter a ketchup stain and need to know how to remove ketchup from carpet, these methods can clean up your carpet in no time.

How to Remove Ketchup from Carpet

For the first method, begin by scraping off any ketchup which remains on the carpet fibers using a knife. Then take a tablespoon of dish detergent and mix it with two cool cups of water. Dab at the stain with a white cloth which has been soaked in the solution. Blot the ketchup stain, which helps to slowly absorb the stain and the liquid. Make sure that you are consistently using a clean area of the cloth as you go, so you do not transfer any of the stain back onto the carpet. Repeat these steps until the stain is completely out of the carpet. You can then rinse the stain with cold water to get rid of any residues from the cleaning solution.

How to Remove Ketchup from Carpet

For a second method, vacuum up any excess ketchup from the carpet as soon as you find the stain. If you rub it, it causes the ketchup to set into the fibers of the carpet even more, so do not do this. If you do not have access to a vacuum, you can try using a spatula to get the excess ketchup up from the carpet. You can then spray the stain with a pre-spray laundry solution you can purchase at the store. Let the stain sit and soak up the solution for fifteen to twenty minutes. After this time frame has passed, vacuum the solution for a second time. Then rinse the area of the carpet that was affected with warm water.

If the carpet now seems clean, you are set to go. If there is still any visible residue on the carpeting, try the following steps when tackling how to remove ketchup from carpet.

Mix up four parts of warm water with one cup of ammonia in a spray bottle. Make sure to shake the bottle very well. You can then spray the ketchup stain three to four times with the solution and start scrubbing it with a toothbrush. After you scrub for an additional ten to fifteen seconds, vacuum the solution with a wet/dry vacuum. Pour warm water over the area affected after this to rinse out the solution of ammonia.

Keep in mind that if you get to the ketchup stain fast, it is not as likely to settle into the fibers of the carpet, so always try and act fast.

Bottom Line

Don’t know how to remove ketchup from carpet? There’s no need to worry. Although ketchup is a difficult substance to remove from carpet fibers, the above article mentioned various ways on how to get the stain out. You can simply make your own dish detergent solution or purchase a cleaner from a store to blot the stain off. Ultimately though, no matter how tough your ketchup stain may be, Klean Dry offers various carpet cleaning services that can get the toughest of stains out and keep your carpet protected.

How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard adds character, luxury and aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. You spend plenty of time in bed, and body lotions or oil from your hair can easily ruin the upholstery. Everyday dust will also find its way to the headboard. Some of these things are inevitable, but there are a few things you can do to maintain the fabric and prevent it from getting ruined. Given that headboards come in different fabrics ranging from leather and wool to suede and many more, there isn’t a single prescribed method of cleaning all types of headboards. Another factor to bear in mind is the type of stain you want to remove. Treating watermarks and ink, for example, require very different approaches. Learning how to clean upholstered headboard, therefore, starts with understanding the upholstery cleaning codes.

How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

Upholstery Cleaning Codes

To make cleaning upholstery much less of a hassle, most manufacturers have agreed upon a set of symbols used in cleaning upholstery. Understanding the codes makes it easier to know how to clean a type of fabric. Here are the codes and what they mean:

S or P – this type of material should be cleaned by an expert using solvent cleaner. Fabrics with this label may be damaged by water.

How to Clean Upholstered Headboard

F refers to foam cleaning- a type of dry cleaning used for various types of delicate fabrics

W – water-based solvents or foam are preferred to clean fabrics with this label

W/S and S/W – these mean that water, foam or solvent cleaners can be used to clean the upholstery

X/S or X – this means that the surface can’t be washed with water, form-based cleaners or solvents, so your only left with using a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush to clean the fabric.

Treating Stains

Treat stains as soon as you can. This is the most critical tip to have in mind. Whenever you spill something or stain the headboard, treat it immediately to avoid future problems.

Cleaning Method

First things first, be sure to make vacuuming a regular habit. Vacuum your headboard upholstery weekly, for example, to prevent dust and loose dirt from becoming engrained. Next, grab your fabric cleaner solution or spray and use it to get rid of any noticeable stains or marks. Choose a small, easily-concealed area for your spot test before spraying the whole headboard. You can make this a weekly routine, so your headboard stays fresh and clean.

When you think it’s time to freshen up the headboard, perhaps after a month or two, baking soda can come in quite handy. Pour a liberal amount of the baking soda onto a dry piece of clean cloth and pat it into the upholstery. Give it time to set in for a couple of hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue. Be careful when using baking soda as it can get everywhere.

Next Steps

Depending on the severity of the dirt or stain as well as how much time you have, you should decide whether you want to hire a professional cleaner or do it yourself.

So, are you wondering how to clean upholstered headboard? Incorporate these steps into your cleaning routine, and you’ll notice how easy it is to keep your upholstered headboard as good as new. If you aren’t sure if any cleaning solution is compatible with a specific upholstery, contact the manufacturer for confirmation. Upholstery cleaning professionals at Klean Dry also have many tools to help you get this done.

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas – Five Different Options

Carpets in most high traffic areas might get dirty quickly, particularly if you have children and pets at home. These spaces are typically located in the foyers, hallways, living room, and around the doors. Regardless of how regularly you try to clean, debris and mud might still accumulate quickly. If you want to save money on installing new surfaces, here are a few tips on how to protect carpet in high traffic areas.

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

  1. Put Down Rugs or Mats

The simplest and most effective way to protect your carpet is to place rugs or mats on the surface. For the front door, purchase a welcome mat which can impress your guests and keep the carpet from building up dust. Similarly, put protector mats on your living room or kitchen so that you won’t need to clean up dirt or debris every day. Once these units get dirty, you can simply vacuum or run them through the washer. This will save you a lot of time doing major cleaning on your carpets. Do not forget the hallways, which are one of the busiest areas in your home.

  1. Clean on a Regular Basis

It is a good idea to vacuum all high traffic areas in your home at least twice per week. This will make sure that your carpets are well maintained and clean, particularly when you often walk on them and leave a lot of dirt or debris. Areas like the bedroom, living room and stairs should be cleaned thoroughly because pets and kids tend to spill or stain the surfaces. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this task, just run a small handheld vacuum quickly through the whole space at night before going to bed.

  1. Keep Shoes off the CarpetsHow to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

It is a good idea to ask your family members and guests to take off their shoes before stepping into the house. A shoe-off rule is really helpful to protect these areas from getting dirty due to dust, dirt, grime, and other elements. Not only are dirt and bacteria carried in with shoes, but carpets in high traffic areas would also wear away gradually.

  1. Choose Durable Material

The type of fiber you choose can make a huge difference in how long it would endure. In general, areas with high foot traffic such as halls or stairs should be installed with rugged, tough, and stain-resistant carpets to ensure they can last longer. These include wool, nylon, or loop pile. Though many people enjoy the feel of luxury and thick shag carpets, it can’t hold up normal wear and tear.

  1. Select Dark Colors

For high traffic areas, make sure to choose a tone which isn’t too pale or bright. You would love the way that beige, cream, or white carpeting looks, but it won’t stay too long under frequent use. Instead, it’s better to select a darker tone, such as burgundy, green, blue, brown, or gray. These options are less likely to wear and reveal dirt than brighter shades would.


Above are five different options for how to protect your carpet in high traffic areas. Keeping your shoes off, dark colors, and regular cleaning are some of the options to help your carpet last longer even with high use. It is important to also choose a type of carpet that can handle the traffic. These tips should help either protect your carpet or better prepare you for your new carpet.

Best Way to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

It might be the fact that you are planning to clean your carpet on your own, and you don’t have any carpet cleaning machine available to you. Of course, there are several options for you to choose from each of which will deliver fantastic results when it comes to cleaning carpets. Below, we have mentioned several effective methods of cleaning carpets without using any machine at all.

1. Vinegar

Although this method is time-consuming as well as labor-intensive, it will help you to get the job done flawlessly provided you have enough patience. You simply need to prepare a blend of distilled vinegar and cold water in the ratio of 1:3. This mix has to be sprayed onto the carpet, and then you need to give it several minutes of contact time. Following this, start to blot carefully using a microfiber cloth. However, never scrub since it can damage the carpet.

Best Way to Clean Carpet without a Machine2. Baking Soda

We are all aware of the fact that baking soda has got lots of benefits. The same is true when it comes to cleaning your carpets and, in fact, you simply need to cover any spillage on the rug with baking soda without wasting much time. After that, you have to wait for approximately 1 hour. On most occasions, the stuff will absorb the stain without any need to clean it. Apart from this, baking soda can also be used to perform general cleaning. Commence by removing any furniture and fittings from the room to get rid of any unwanted clutter. Spray the baking soda on the entire carpet particularly on the individual stains. Leave it like that overnight, and then clean the rug next morning. You rug is going to appear cleaner as well as fresher.

3. Carpet Shampoos

You will come across some highly effective shampoos on the market at present. Although you might find it a bit challenging to employ them, a little practice will do the trick for you. Make use of a soft-bristle brush and scrub frequently. However, this method will prove to be effectual only on short-pile rugs having manually made fibers.

4. Sponge Mop

A steam mop will be very useful in case you are cleaning a carpet which is discolored and need to be refreshed. Nevertheless, this process has got some drawbacks, and should be avoided in case the weather is wet as well as humid. This is because the carpet will not dry in such type of climate. Moreover, take care to use a limited quantity of water so as to allow the rug to dry fast. Apart from this, using sponge mops will help you to easily pick up leaves, dirt, as well as stray hair, not to mention lint. Consequently, your carpet will appear to be refreshed once the cleaning is done.

5. Lint Roller

Going for a lint roller will be a prudent decision in case the rug does not have a particularly deep pile. All you need will be to roll the device on the rug, thus allowing the dust to be picked up by the sticky surface. On top of this, these lint rollers can be reused several times.


Although it is quite tough to figure out the best way to clean carpet without a machine, a cheaper route will be to try the baking soda option. However, if all these methods fail to deliver the goods, you should take the assistance of the carpet cleaning experts who will perform the task quickly as well as impeccably.

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